About Mowery Capital Management

Mowery Capital Management, LLC (MCM) is a Texas State Securities Board registered fee-based Investment Advisory Firm headquartered in McKinney Texas with offices in Dallas and McKinney, Texas. MCM acts much like a private Trust Company or Family Office providing financial planning, estate planning, and portfolio investment management for the separate accounts of individual clients. MCM is committed to meeting our client’s objectives by first prioritizing our client’s interests, needs and goals. Then acting as our client’s advocate we help navigate their financial future and map out the appropriate investment strategy.

We accomplish this by first establishing a financial profile. This profile details our client’s current financial circumstances, estate needs, long-term objectives and risks characteristics. From this we construct and implement an investment policy to meet their specific needs. This enables us to cover every aspect of managing assets and optimize a diversification strategy. Realizing our clients are busy with the demands of their careers and family, MCM provides a full range of investment advisory and estate planning services. Through sophisticated portfolio management, estate planning and risk control we assist in achieving financial goals and objectives with maximum efficiency and profitability. Privacy is of the highest importance. We respect the privacy of all our clients and all matters are kept strictly confidential.

As a fee-based investment advisory firm, we provide unbiased counsel and investment instruments and strategies as well as the stewardship needed to maximize financial success. Although we focus on maximizing the portfolio’s total return, the real challenge is in managing risk as our clients have defined it. Taking appropriate, deliberate and measured risks creates the ballast to maintain a positive growth stance in different and changing economic and market environments. Risk management is the rudder that guides outstanding investment performance over time.

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