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"As a fee-based advisory firm, we provide unbiased investment advice as well as the stewardship needed to maximize financial success. Although we focus on maximizing your portfolio's return, the real challenge is managing the risk as you have defined it."

- Fritz Mowery, President & CIO

About Mowery Capital Management

Mowery Capital Management is an Investment Advisory company registered with the Texas State Securities Board.

MCM acts as a "Family Office" providing estate planning and investment management for the separate accounts of individual clients. MCM manages client's stock and bond portfolios and charges a quarterly fee based on the value of the assets under management.

The MCM investment strategy is primarily focused on asset and sector allocations. Our primary investable asset classes are stocks, bonds, and ETF's…Read more

Financial Briefs

What's Happening

Europe, Ebola, Elections, Earnings, Energy, Economy, Middle East and East Asia. Let's look at each one:

Europe - Economy is slowing and struggling, The European Central Bank (Drahgi) wants to initiates some form of quantitative easing just like we did. The Germans are against it. We believe the Germans will eventually give in and easing will occur to stabilize the economy. Big Uncertainty.

Ebola - What more can we really say? It has created a scare and uncertainty because there are just too many unanswered questions. There is too much we just don’t know about this dreaded and deadly disease. We believe it is a serious situation and needs to be followed closely. Our biggest concern is our troops going over to give humanitarian aid. How do we bring them back home? How do we quarantine them? Germany already has denied them entry from Africa. Where do we take them? How do we keep Ebola from crossing our Southern borders? Like I said, too many unanswered questions. Lots of uncertainty.

Elections - Mid-term elections seems to always bring out the “crazies”. It looks like the Republicans may win the Senate which would bring Dodd-Frank under scrutiny and possibly major changes. Again Uncertainty. Read more

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